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26 thoughts on “Contact Miss Korn

  1. this is my essay of the nile perch being introduced into lake victoria and my printer didnt work so i decided to email it to you and i am having trouble understanding tradeoffs so i didnt finish the essay:
    I think that the Nile Perch was a pretty good idea to introduce the species into Lake Victoria because of two reasons. One reason why I think it was a good idea to introduce the Nile Perch to Lake Victoria was because the Cichlids were going to be extinct and people wanted to be able to go fishing and to be able to do that you would need to have fish in the lake.
    If the Nile Perch weren’t introduced in Lake Victoria the Cichlids would have been extinct and basically there wouldn’t be fish in the lake to go fishing. Another reason why I think the Nile Perch was a good idea to be introduced into Lake Victoria was because since people were able to catch the fish, the local people that lived around the lake were able to catch the fish, sell the fish, and raise so much money.
    Although, there was one reason that I thought the Nile Perch shouldn’t have been introduced to Lake Victoria because they wanted there to be more fish, but instead the Nile Perch ate the Cichlids and now the Cichlids had definetely been extinct. These are the reasons of my opinion of what I think about introducing the Nile Perch to Lake Victoria.

    from Siomara Rodriguez

  2. Hey Miss Korn just wanted you to know i’m checking your blog.I think it’s nice how you made your own weather journal because when when i first started writing in my journal i didn’t really understand what to do but when i saw your journal it really cleared everything out to me. THANKS!!!

  3. hey miss korn I love your blog I sometimes forget what my homework is and I just look on the blog and find out .THANKS!!!! = )

  4. Finaly able to access your website. It was bringing me to all the time.Nice website, I realy like it.

    • AJ,
      Thanks for contact. Do not worry, we were supposed to go over the “control” today; however, I was sick. I’ll be in tomorrow and we will work on the finishing touches for the lab report. Thank you for contacting me! See you tomorrow. Ms. Korn

  5. hi miss korn this is my first time looking at your blog in a long time so I’ve forgotten were the home work is D; <————sad face

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